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You're the STAR Blog Hop and GARDEN Features

  T his linky party is the perfect place to show off your creativity! Share your blog posts, for a chance to be featured next month!     WELCOME to the May 2022  " You're the Star " Blog Hop! Before we continue onto the Linky party I wanted to share from my blog: My Lemon Spatchcock Chicken is a bright and delicious dish, perfect for Spring! _____________________________________ WELCOME to  GARDEN feature week of the May 2022  " You're the STAR " blog hop! Meet your GARDEN week Hosts     This week is GARDEN feature week Swing by the GARDEN Hosts blogs: Angie @ God's Growing Garden Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventure s This is a month long Linky party featuring YOU! There will be 4 different features each week and 4 different feature categories.  Just to be clear - this is NOT a themed party - you may link up ANY family-friendly blog posts any day of each month.   The "theme" occurs in our weekly features: WEEK#1 GARDEN - ga

You're the Star Blog Hop

  This linky party is the perfect place to show off your creativity! Share your blog posts, for a chance to be featured next month! WELCOME to the November 2020  " You're the Star " Blog Hop! Before we continue onto the Linky party I wanted to share from my blog: Now that Thanksgiving has passed in the U.S, it's time to focus on the upcoming holidays. Things will certainly be different this year, but I've created a list of tips, to make this holiday season your best one yet!   Tips for a Wonderful Covid Christmas  __________________________________________________________________________ WELCOME to  EXTRA feature week of the November 2020  " You're the STAR " blog hop! (Sometimes we will have 5 Mondays in a month - these 5th special Mondays are called "EXTRA feature" days) Meet all of your STAR Hosts   Swing by the STAR Hosts blogs: Angie @ God's Growing Garden Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures Annie @ 15 Acre Homeste

Tips for a Wonderful COVID Christmas

 With threats of the pandemic still looming, Christmas may look a bit different this year. But that doesn't mean you can't make it fun, magical and memorable. Continue reading for some tips, craft ideas and recipes to make this Christmas season as wonderful as years past. Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I may earn commission from these links. I offer them to you at no extra charge. Who would have thought we would be in this situation. Life the last few months, looks like something out of a science fiction movie. An unknown virus mutates and starts spreading like wildfire. Many get sick, several perish and months later we are no closer to abolishing it, than we are in understanding how and why this virus exists. Restrictions have been put in place. Some are obliging, others are convinced it is a deep government conspiracy. Totally sounds like a Block Buster Movie right?!? Unfortunately it is our reality this Christmas season. We've

Sunday Meal Plan Nov 29- Dec 5

 Meal Planning is a great way to save time and money every week!  Wow, we are already at the end of November, which means the holidays and Christmas will soon be upon us. Not having worked in 6 months has been stressing me out about the holidays. Not that I usually go crazy buying presents (although my SO says I do), I've had to set a strict budget for gifts this year. I lucked out and have been saving points on a few loyalty cards, of stores I frequent often and was able to get 90% of my stocking stuffers purchased for only $19. It's a trick I use every year to cut costs.  Since I've been stressed and worried, I took the time this past week to think about what Christmas means to me. It helped me come to terms, and make a plan, so we could have the best Christmas possible. For me it's not about gifts under the tree. It's about family. I am so blessed that we are all healthy and thriving during this pandemic. Who cares if there isn't a ton of gifts under the tree

Loaded Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes

  A fluffy combination of mashed potatoes and cauliflower, is topped with caramelised onion, cheese and bacon. Wow, it's almost the end of November already! Am I the only one who finds that each year passes more quickly? Thanksgiving in the U.S was Yesterday. I hope all my readers, family and friends in the U.S enjoyed their day, and that you were able to celebrate with ones you love. Despite the pandemic, we've been so blessed this year. While I am out of work, my SO has been able to return to his place of employment. I am thankful to be able to stay home, to make sure my children are on track with online/distance learning. I am on year 11 of being pain free, in regards to my Crohn's disease, and the pandemic has given me the time and motivation to start my self care/fitness journey. But most of all, we are blessed that everyone has been able to stay healthy, during this stressful time.   During my self care journey, one of my struggles has been to eat healthier. While I l

Candy Cane Fudge

 Sweet vanilla fudge and chocolate fudge packed with crushed candy canes and candy cane Hershey Kisses. This Candy Cane Fudge is a must have on any Holiday dessert tray this year! I don't know about you, but I am feeling very overwhelmed this holiday season. Maybe it's because I haven't worked since March, so money is not what it use to be. Maybe it's because the new house we moved into isn't as big as what we are used to, and I don't have room for all my Christmas decor. What ever the reason, it's causing me great stress and anxiety. So much so, that I recently had what I like to refer to as a  Clark Griswold moment . I want everyone to have a wonderful Christmas and I often feel like I'm the one doing all the work. I'm trying to keep it together this month, as I attempt to do some Christmas baking and figure out how to get my shopping done on such a tight budget. Finding super easy and affordable recipes like this helps a lot. This literally takes

Sweet Potato, Coconut and Ginger Soup

 Sweet Potatoes are combined with coconut and ginger, in this slightly spicy, deliciously silky smooth soup. A perfect cold weather meal, ready in less than 30 minutes! I LOVE SOUP! You've probably heard me say this before, but soup is one of my favourite foods. I love that you can make so many different kinds of soup, each with their own distinct characteristics and flavour profiles. Some can be creamy, some hearty and filled with chunks of veggies and tender meats. There are so many options when it comes to soup. That's why I decide to write a blog post containing 25 of the BEST Soup Recipes, which you can find HERE . I started my fitness and self care journey 5 months ago and I have recently seen changes in my body. I am stronger, I have more endurance and my face looks thinner. This has helped motivate me into continuing to take care of myself. Since I was craving soup, I decided to try and create a whole foods soup, bursting with all my favourite flavours. Sweet potatoes h

You're the STAR- Home Feature

 This linky party is the perfect place to show off your creativity! Share your latest blog post, for a chance to be featured next month! WELCOME to the November 2020  " You're the Star " Blog Hop! Before we continue onto the Linky party I wanted to share from my blog: The cold weather has finally hit here in Ontario Canada, so I put together a delicious round up of 25 of the BEST Soup Recipes on the web. Make sure to check it out!! Now onto the PARTY!!! ________________________________________ Please join me in welcoming our newest Cohost: Cindy from "Mom, the Lunch Lady" (click HERE to view her wonderful blog) ________________________________________ WELCOME to  HOME feature week of the November 2020  " You're the STAR " blog hop! Meet your HOME week Hosts   This week is HOME feature week Swing by the Home Hosts' Blogs: Bev @ Eclectic Red Barn Kippi @ Kippi at Home Liberty @ B4 and Afters Cindy @ Mom, the Lunch Lady This

Sunday Meal Plan Nov 22-28

 Meal Planning is a great way to save time and money every week!  Happy Sunday! I hope everyone had a great week! Ours was fairly quiet but we did finally get our new stove! My oven had been acting up and the element had started sparking, so we told our Landlord almost a month ago that we needed something new. He finally brought us a new on yesterday. So now I'll be able to start my Christmas baking!!! I have so many things I want to make, but we are staying home this year, so I can't go over board. Both me and my MIL are trying to eat healthier! This weekend we are trying to get some Christmas shopping done, before we possibly go into lock down once again. Cases here are rising unfortunately :( We aren't going crazy this year, gift wise, but many of the gifts we had planned to purchase the kids are at non essential stores. So they need to be taken care of ASAP. I just hope other shoppers remember to be kind, during these stressful times! Here is my Meal Plan for this week

25 BEST Soup Recipes

 When the cold weather hits, I crave a good bowl of soup. Read on to find easy and delicious soup recipes, I'll be making all winter long! The cold weather has finally made it's way to Canada. When fall hits and the temperatures start to drop, I crave the warmth only soup can provide. It soothes my soul, warms me up from the inside out and is a delicious way to get some healthy veggies into my kids!  There's nothing better than simmering a soup on the stove, to cure what ails you. There's just something therapeutic about making stock, adding veggies and herbs and letting it simmer until it becomes liquid perfection. Not to mention, soups go a long way and are very budget friendly.  Before I share some of my favourite soups, I'd like to share a few tips to use when making soup at home.  Don't forget to taste as you go and season as needed . Veggies and pasta need salt, but not all stocks are seasoned the same. So make sure you taste as you go and add salt and pep