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25 BEST Soup Recipes

 When the cold weather hits, I crave a good bowl of soup. Read on to find easy and delicious soup recipes, I'll be making all winter long!

The cold weather has finally made it's way to Canada. When fall hits and the temperatures start to drop, I crave the warmth only soup can provide. It soothes my soul, warms me up from the inside out and is a delicious way to get some healthy veggies into my kids! 

There's nothing better than simmering a soup on the stove, to cure what ails you. There's just something therapeutic about making stock, adding veggies and herbs and letting it simmer until it becomes liquid perfection. Not to mention, soups go a long way and are very budget friendly. 

Before I share some of my favourite soups, I'd like to share a few tips to use when making soup at home. 

  • Don't forget to taste as you go and season as needed. Veggies and pasta need salt, but not all stocks are seasoned the same. So make sure you taste as you go and add salt and pepper if needed. If your soup ends up too salty, peel a potato and throw it into your soup to simmer, until tender. The potato will soak up some of the salt!
  • Soup is always better the second day (the flavours get to meld together), so don't be scared of making a BIG batch of soup! Leftovers are delicious and can come in handy, on nights you're too tired to cook.
  • Get creative with what you like! I'm not a big basil fan, so when I make soup, I use the amount I know I'll be ok with. If you want to add extra spices and herbs, do it! Love a good drizzle of olive oil or truffle oil on your soup before eating it? I say heck YES, give it a go! Cooking should be a way to express yourself, so get creative!
Now onto 25 of the most delicious soup, stew and chowder recipes that will have you craving a warm bowl of deliciousness, all season long!

"As with most soups using the Instant Pot, the preparation is pretty simple. Once you are done sautéing a couple of ingredients, you’re ready to add in the remaining ingredients to get this amazing chicken soup on the way."

"This easy Chicken Tortilla Soup recipe is packed with tons of flavor and healthy ingredients. Simmer on the stove all day or slow cook in the crockpot, either way, this is the perfect bowl of soup to cozy up."

Potato and Ham Soup- Mom, the Lunch Lady

"Creamy, tender potatoes are the star in this lusciously hearty soup, perfect for the cold weather."

Gluten Free Turkey Lasagna Soup- Faithfully Gluten Free

"Although this Gluten Free Turkey Lasagna Soup is quick enough to prepare on a weeknight, and not loaded with calories, it is also hearty enough to warm your belly during the cold winter months."

"A rich and satisfying noodle bowl, reminiscent of Ramen"

"Less than 30 minutes to a bowl of warming and comforting Easy Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup? Yes please!"

                    Crock Pot Sausage, Spinach & Potato Soup- Mom, the Lunch Lady

"Sausage, spinach and baby potatoes are slow cooked all day, to create a creamy and hearty soup."

"This creamy roasted butternut squash soup recipe is my go-to warm-me-upper. It always reminds me of autumn, when the days get colder and I crave warm hearty soups. With its smooth flavour and the infusion of middle eastern spices this soup is a welcome indulgence for our taste buds."

Homemade Creamy Tomato Soup- Home at Cedar Springs Farm

"Tomatoes, Garlic, Basil, and Heavy Cream come together to make this soup a true comfort food and a wonderful dinner option to warm your bones when the weather is cold."

"This Thai Red Curry Noodle Soup recipe is easy to make at home and tastes like take out! If you want a creamy and cozy noodle soup with Thai red curry spice, coconut milk, and tons of flavor, this recipe is for you."

Chicken Parmesan Soup- Mom the Lunch Lady

"Tender chicken, Parmesan and seasoned croutons are the stars in this simple soup."

"If your still looking for new and creative ways to use up your garden zucchinis, then this Thai Curry Zucchini and Pea Soup recipe is for you. It has just the right amount of spice to it while still letting the vegetables shine." 

"I love to make soup in my crockpot where I can just throw the ingredients in and in a few hours have a delicious meal. This is a healthy, but very satisfying bowl of soup. Enjoy!"

Creamy Turkey Chowder- Faithfully Gluten Free

"Warm up with a hot bowl of Creamy Turkey Chowder, the perfect way to use up leftover turkey or chicken."

Slow Cooker Hamburger Soup- Mom, the Lunch Lady

"Ground beef, vegetables and pasta make up this hearty Italian inspired soup."

Quick and Easy Lentil Soup- Conflicted Vegan

"This soups packs a ton of flavor with minimal ingredients. And the best part its ready in 6 minutes in your pressure cooker or 30 minutes on your stove."

Creamy Instant Pot Chipotle Chicken Chili- Home Sweet Table

"Creamy Chipotle Chicken Soup(Instant Pot) is sure to warm you up with smoky chipotle peppers, green chili, fire-roasted tomatoes, and shredded chicken all in a creamy broth. So flavorful, creamy, and super easy to throw together!"

Sweet and Smoky Crockpot Chili- Moore or Less Cooking

"If you’re looking for the best chili recipe to make in your slow cooker, you’ve found it. This easy chili recipe is made with ground beef, bacon, onion, corn, garlic, spices, 5 types of beans."

Ranch White Chicken Chili- Missouri Girl Home

"This Ranch White Chicken Chili is stress free and bursting with flavor. Just dump everything in a slow cooker and walk away."

6 Can Chicken Chili- Cooking in the 262

"Cooking is quick and simple when you already have all the ingredients on hand. This time of year I stock the pantry for those nights we need a quick dinner and 6 can chicken chili usually hits the spot."

Easy Chili- House of Yumm

"Quick and filling! This easy chili recipe can be made in the slow cooker or as a one pot 30 minute meal. Loaded with beef, beans, chiles and more this hearty chili is perfect for loading up with all your favorite toppings."

Cheesy Vegetable Chowder- Mom, the Lunch Lady

"Vegetables are the star in this hearty, creamy, thick and cheesy soup."

Crab Chowder- The Rowdy Baker

"Sinfully rich, but worth every single calorie!"

Crock Pot Moose Stew- Mom, the Lunch Lady

"Tender wild moose, is slow cooked all day with potatoes, peas, carrots and herbs, resulting in a hearty and delicious cold weather dish."

Instant Pot Beef Stew- Emily Fabulous

You can make a hearty, healthy, and delicious beef stew in your Instant Pot in under an hour…using frozen stew meat and fresh vegetables. This recipe is so easy to make and perfect for a weeknight meal.


Homemade Bread Bowls- Christina's Bread Bakes

"This is an easy, 4 ingredient (flour, water, salt, yeast), white rustic bread that requires no kneading so it's relatively hands off. It make four mini loaves of bread, about 6 slices each. Or you can use as a soup bowl by cutting off the top, removing the interior and filling with a cup of your favorite soup."




  1. Great soup collection - something for everyone!

  2. I read this yesterday and love how you put it together, it's really nice to have so much choice when you're looking for ideas on what to cook for lunch or dinner! I loved it!

    1. Thank you and thank you for your contribution!

  3. this is a great list of soups and very comforting. One can never ran out of idea what to prepare. Thanks for this everyone has an option :)

    1. My family loves variety, which is shown in this post :)

  4. I love this round up of soup recipes. This will come in handy during the winter for so many delicious dinner choices.

    1. It definitely will. So many options to warm you up on cold winter nights.

  5. Thanks so much for sharing with us at Full Plate Thursday, 511. We will be live for our special Thanksgiving Edition on Tuesday this week, be sure and stop by! Hope you have a very special Thanksgiving!
    Miz Helen

    1. Thank you for stopping in. I will definitely make sure to visit on Tuesday :)


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